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Use Network Access Control to Secure Your Network


Proactive Breach Prevention
Control Physical, Mobile, Virtual & IoT

Take charge of your corporate network(s) with a highly scalable, affordable and simple to manage network access control solution (NAC). Gain control and confident oversight of your trusted LAN(s), manage compliance reporting, audit assets, identify vulnerabilities and defend against malicious insiders, rogue access, zero day malware, phishing attacks and data exfiltration.

NetSHIELD Data Sheet


Maybe you think you don't have to worry about cyber security.... but, be aware

YOUR NETWORK MAY BE AT RISK for a Network Breach...!

Did you know that most attacks happen by accident from the inside of your network..?  Usually by an employee by accident.

If you offer wi-fi to your office please take note:

If customers, contractors, staff, guests, visitors, or management bring iPads, Tablets, Laptops, Mobile Phones or other portable electronic devices they can be contaminating your network from inside. 

Firewalls can keep issues out...  But those rogue portable devices can carry viruses right in behind the firewall....

Please don't delay.

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